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I Want It

Luft Balloons

Everyone loves Balloons! Now you can fill the skies with all the colors of the rainbow; well, at least until your helium tanks run out!

Guide the balloons out into the world from a variety of locations, but watch out – someone has tried to ruin everyone’s fun by placing some hazards around the room.

Luckily, you have a couple fans at your disposal to help push the balloons to safety. Adjust the velocity of the fans to mix up the air currents in the room even more!

Each level features four crates of different colored balloons – each with a quota that must be fulfilled to move on to the next challenge.

Keep in mind that you can please the crowd even more by guiding the correct sequence of colors outside. Each level features a balloon chain that will earn you extra bonus points!


- 15 exciting levels
- 7 colorful balloons
- 5 beautiful settings
- Race against the clock to meet your balloons quota
- Tune your fans to meet your goals
- Plan your strategy to earn mega chain bonuses
- Worldwide Leaderboard
- And much more...